Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors

With outstanding durability and reliability, our Cortizo aluminium bifold doors have been designed with both residential and commercial projects in mind. Modern and contemporary, our range of Cortizo bifold doors allow maximum natural light into your home by simply utilising a wall, while also bringing indoor-outdoor flow to your home and creating a seamless transition between your interior and exterior spaces. Essentially, Cortizo bifold doors can transform your living spaces and provide you with great security.

What are Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Cortizo bifolding doors are a set of “leaves” or glass panels, which are engineered together in a series of doors that fold back on each other seamlessly along a durable aluminium frame. The installation of these Cortizo doors allows a homeowner to create a seamless transition between their interior and exterior spaces, creating the perfect environment for a large social occasion, or an excuse for an impromptu garden party or BBQ. Perhaps best of all, Cortizo bifold doors allow you to maximise natural light even in the darker winter months, making the installation of aluminium bifolding doors an excellent addition to any household.

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How will Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors enhance my property?

Exclusive Doors contemporary Cortizo aluminium bifold doors incorporate the latest in security technology and are a modern and practical solution to maximising airflow during hot summer months, while also allowing natural light during the cold and dark winter months. Our Cortizo bifold doors deliver energy efficiency and thermal retention to your property, which will save you money on expensive heating bills as well as being better for the planet. Cortizo bifold doors can give the interior design of your living spaces a contemporary and modern flair, while also delivering natural light, indoor-outdoor flow, and superb energy efficiency.

Aluminium Bifold Doors vs UPVC Bifold Doors

In comparison to UPVC bifold doors, aluminium bifolding doors can be more expensive to purchase. However, the higher price of aluminium Cortizo doors is due to their durability, aesthetic and long lasting properties. Aluminium bifold doors are a great long term investment that can significantly add to the appeal of your commercial or residential building. Aluminium is also stronger than UPVC, so you can rest assured that you will be safe and secure in your property, and that the glass panes within your aluminium bifold doors will remain intact. Additionally, aluminium bifolding doors typically require less maintenance than UPVC bifold doors, so a simple wipe down every now and then should be enough to keep them in tip-top shape.

Will my Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors be Energy Efficient?

Delivering contemporary yet functional windows and doors for our customers is our utmost priority. Practical with understated style, our range of Cortizo bifolding doors offer optimal energy efficiency and thermal retention, helping you save on energy bills while also giving both commercial and residential projects an understated and modern twist.

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With heightened security and energy efficiency, our range of doors engineered from robust aluminium can elevate your property with optimal energy efficiency and a contemporary finish.

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Cortizo Aluminium Bifold Doors

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